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Optional Summer Journal Prompts

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Here are some ideas to keep your writing gears oiled this summer -- feel free to journal in an actual journal, on a Google Doc shared with me (juruble@gmail.com), or in emails to me!


Journal Prompts:

  • What was your favorite moment last year? What moment taught you the most?
  • What are you most excited about for next year? 
  • Make a summer bucket list. Don't forget to check items off as you accomplish or experience them!
  • Find a spot outside and sit for a bit in complete silence. Then journal about your thoughts. 
  • Describe, in excruciating detail, the taste/texture/appearance/etc. of a strawberry (or whatever you have available!)  
  • What has attending a Montessori school meant to you?
  • What qualities do you love in a teacher? 
  • If you had to describe your personal code of morals/values/ethics, what would it include? 
  • Tell me about your pets.
  • Describe yourself -- in the most creative and fitting way you can imagine to do so. 
  • Choose one negative experience to journal about. Use the written reflection to work out your feelings on what happened. Discuss how you grew (or might grow) from the experience, and/or what you might do to prevent it from occurring again.
  • Choose a positive experience to journal about. Write about it with careful word choice and description so that the reader feels the joy of the experience. 


Creative Prompts:

  • Page through a dictionary and choose 5 random words. Write a story that uses these words.
  • Create 5 symptoms of a rare disease. Write a story about the disease.
  • Finish the story that begins with the sentence, "The world ended yesterday."
  • Find a spot outside and sit for a bit in complete silence. Then write a poem about something you see/hear/smell/feel.
  • Imagine and describe your perfect world/society/city. 
  • Visit Julie's blog, Willow Bird Baking, and get acquainted with how a blog works. Write your own "blog post"!  
  • Create an extended metaphor to describe your school experience so far. 
  • Choose a celebrity or notable public figure. Insert them into a story/series of your choosing. For example, one of my students wrote Hannah Games, where she inserted Hannah Montana into Hunger Games.
  • Finish the story that begins with the sentence, "Suddenly, the elevator began to crash to the ground." Include at least one flashback in your story. 

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