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United States History Timeline Resources:





Greece Links: 

Ancient Greece - University Press

Ancient Greece - The British Museum

Ancient Greece - BBC

Ancient Greece - Khan Academy

Ancient Greece - CMS




Mindplay Practice 

  • School District Number: 13806
  • Username: Your Email (without the @hightechhigh.org part)
    • example: If your email is jruble2025@hightechhigh.org, your user name is jruble2025 

  • Password: mindplay


Model United Nations World Map (Golden Croissants)


Scientific Poster Links

  • POSTER 1 (tables 1 and 5 -- use the fourth poster down (the green one))
  • POSTER 2 (tables 2 and 6 -- use the fifth poster down)
  • POSTER 3 (table 4)
  • POSTER 4 (tables 3 and 7)


Toolkit for a Revolution Links

Credible Sources Count! Tutorial

Ms. Julie's Example Essay

Examples of free verse poems

Red Scarf Girl online

Audiobook Chapter YouTube Channel



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