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7th Woodlawn Archives - Parent NHD Resource

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7th Grade Parents NHD Resource

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Dear 7th Grade Parents,


The NHD project is a significant time in your 7th grader's life!  They'll be embarking upon their first official research paper, implementing skills they've been building over several years, and growing tremendously in both their writing and research skills.  They will also come to intimately understand the value of personal time management as they independently plan out their project work, learn the importance of using class time wisely, and complete components of the project by various due dates.  Their efforts will perpare them for 8th grade and beyond, and hopefully you'll notice your student growing during this time!


This NHD Resource Page is intended to provide you with an overview of the organization of the project in LA and SS for informational purposes.  Students should be managing their own time and taking ownership of their work, but we want to keep you informed. 


The project is large, so in order to guide students through it, it is also very scaffolded.  Relevant skills are taught or reviewed at appropriate intervals, due dates are set out at the beginning of the assignment, and NHD workdays are provided in LA and SS during which students can individually confer with their teacher for personal assistance.  While students have an individual topic that they can "own," and while the work is somewhat independent, they are also carefully and strategically supported during the entire process.  The following timeline, list of relevant lessons taught, and background skills they're using in the NHD assignment will help you as you support their independence at home!  Please email jruble@woodlawnschool.org and bschaffner@woodlawnschool.org with any questions.




-Paper topics chosen and narrowed.

-Deadline sheet for entire project distributed to students to facilitate time management.

-LIBRARY TRIP:  Students are shown periodicals, reference books, etc., and spend the trip searching for sources and mining them for support.

-Students are reminded to include in-text placeholders for citations.


-LESSON (LA): Craft thesis statements.  Students create a working thesis that is revised by Ms. Ruble and Ms. Robinson (SS): Continue research on topic to create strong thesis statement.

-LESSON (LA): Creating an annotated bibliography.  (SS): Determining credible sources (primary vs. secondary) and continue researching.
January -LESSON (LA): Review using note cards for research. Discuss ways to avoid plagiarism by noting whether your evidence is copied as a quote or paraphrased.
-LESSON (LA):  Review how to create a rough outline.  (SS)  Continue researching topic focusing on historical context of topic.
January -LESSON (LA):  Lesson on plagiarism.
  -LESSON (LA):  Creating a schedule of NHD work to carefully manage your time and avoid last minute panic.
January 23

-Deadline:  Working thesis statements due.

-Students typically begin writing rough draft here if they have not already begun. (SS)  Research topic with focus on historical impact and change.

-LESSON (LA):  Aligning in-text citations to MLA format for parenthetical citations. (SS):  Research time to cite all sources correctly and enhance papers with further research.
February 6
-Deadline: Rough draft due.

-LESSON (LA): How to format title page.

-NHD Fair (SS/LA):  Students in grades 8, 9 and 10 share their NHD projects with 7th graders.


-LESSON (LA): How to understand and approach revised NHD drafts.

-NHD drafts returned with revisions and supporting guidelines. (SS) Research time to refine papers and cite all sources correctly.

February 27
-Deadline: Final NHD paper due - title page, paper, and annotated bibliography all in final form.


TOTAL NHD workdays in LA:  5

TOTAL NHD workdays in SS:  7



The NHD project builds off of many skills we've learned in previous application projects.  The following is a list of relevant skills your child has learned that they'll be putting into action on their NHD project:


Skill Previous Projects that Incorporate Skill

Conducting research

Renaissance Minds biography (6th grade), Human Nature paper, Power of Persuasion Speech, Short Stories Around the Globe- Southeast Asia
Using note cards for research Renaissance Minds biography (6th grade), Atomic Bomb Debate
Outlining Renaissance Minds biography (6th grade), Butterfly paper (6th grade), Human Nature project, Power of Persuasion Speech
Thesis statements Butterfly paper (6th grade), Human Nature paper, Power of Persuasion Speech, Way of the Warrior paper, Red Scarf Girl test essay
Creating an argument Butterfly paper (6th grade), Human Nature paper, Way of the Warrior paper, Power of Persuasion Speech, Red Scarf Girl test essay
Supporting an argument/organizing an essay Butterfly paper (6th grade), Human Nature paper, Way of the Warrior paper, Atomic Bomb Debate, Power of Persuasion Speech, Red Scarf Girl test essay
Incorporating research or evidence into an essay Butterfly paper (6th grade), Human Nature paper, Way of the Warrior paper, Power of Persuasion Speech, Red Scarf Girl test essay





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