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Jackson H

Page history last edited by Julie E Ruble 6 years, 10 months ago

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 I believe in dreams. I was in fifth grade when I was having personal trouble in school, I was  getting bullied, all my friends had left, and was being labeled such as spaz, immature, and weirdo. I took all of this seriously and it really took effect on me, I didn’t know what to do because I had no friends to talk with about it, I was turning things in late, getting upset about it. It was when the year was almost over when I found my passion. I happened to love Legos, but when I went to school I couldn’t be myself, I thought everyone would think I’m stupid if I talk about Legos. But I didn’t let anyone get in my way of ruining my dreams, as long as I was happy I wouldn’t change who I was, and I never did. When school was out I did some searching around on the internet about Legos, and I found myself on YouTube watching the nerdiest thing ever, Lego reviewing! I am a nerd myself so of course I wanted in on it. I already had a YouTube channel and I thought I was a star already, though my videos were awful and I had no subscribers, I didn’t even know what they were. As of today I have 780 subscribers on my YouTube channel, where I review Lego sets. If I didn’t follow my dreams I wouldn’t be where I  am today. I plan to continue following my dreams and doing what I like. No matter how silly your passion is you should try to pursue it, you might end up doing your favorite thing for a living.











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