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Paige A

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I believe in giving. I believe it can change someone’s life. I have made many visits to the soup kitchen and made food bank donations with groups, but one experience that I had definitely encouraged me to keep giving.


One day in seventh grade I took a field trip to the soup kitchen with a small group from school. I remember walking into the building not knowing what to expect. I was a bit nervous. We walked in as a group, got some instructions, and went straight to work. I watched these people walk through the door looking hungrytired, and cold. This made me feel a bit sad. As they started to line up, we were given positions in the assembly line. I was handing out dessert with my friend. I remember thinking to myself“this is really easy.” The dessert was at the end of the line so by the time they got to me, they had all of their food. They had pasta, vegetables, bread, chicken, yogurt, and then my dessert, which was a piece of cake, a cookie, or a cupcake. I looked down to their plates then up at their faces. They were so grateful for such small amounts of food. I noticed that every single one of them said thank you to me and gave me a warm, friendly smile after I handed them their dessert.


When they sat down at the tables their faces lit up with joy. As they ate, they got to meet new people and have a good time. I could tell that this was a place where they felt safe and they had nothing to hide. Everyone was equal. The moment it hit me that giving was so great, was when we were leaving. As we were piling onto the bus to go back to school, I looked back and felt like I did something good today, and I liked that feeling. That feeling was comforting, and satisfying, and made me feel selfless, which is why I believe in giving. 







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