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Ryan E

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I believe in the power of a laugh


I believe in the strong power of a laugh. A nice laugh can lift almost anybody out of a negative mood. Laughing is also scientifically proven to create a natural painkiller. This is why when you hurt yourself, if you laugh you do not feel the pain.


On one winter day a few years ago I learned this lesson. I lost my grandfather to old age. At the time I was only about eight and hearing this news for the first time I was heartbroken, just like any other eight year old, I loved my grandfather very much and had many good times with him. I took me many days to get over this. It would've taken longer if it hadn't been for for my cousin Anthony. I wish I could remember what he said to me but all I can remember is that I lifted my spirits. It lifted my spirits in a time where I wasn’t sure that they could've been lifted like that. That really made me want to make everyone around happy.


Now whenever I see somebody who is down I try to cheer them up with a joke. Sometimes it works, and other times it doesn't, but if it worked for me, it can’t hurt to try.











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