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I Believe in the Power of a Smile


On a nice summer afternoon, that was a little bit humid but, not bad enough to not go out. I was a short, spirited 7 year old, with blue eyes and brown hair. I was wearing my number 13 red soccer jersey, black pants, and blue socks over my shin guards. I wasn’t trying to make a fashion statement at that age.


I went to the field where I saw a 13 other kids wearing red and the opposing team wearing blue. It was the last game of the season and my team and I were determined to win. I was one of the better players so I knew I would be a starting in my normal position offensive midfield. They listed the other players as usual except for our left foreword, who was our best player, and was replaced by one who wasn’t quite as talented. I was curious but I had to play and didn’t have time to comprehend why this was.


As the game progressed I scored twice and our right foreword scored once, but the other team tied it up. I looked at my parents for a sign of satisfaction but they weren’t paying attention, they were speaking with the parents of the player replacing our pest player. He had never scored a goal, and right then I put 2 and 2 together. My dad look at me and then I knew what needed to happen, he wanted me to make this kid score. I tried once by giving him a through ball but the defender beat him to the ball. The second time I tried, I dribbled up gave him the cross but he missed. My parents and the coach acknowledged what I was trying to do and supported me.


Our team got a corner, and when it was played to me I immediately passed it right to the kid who took a shot. It was off the keepers gloves and in. We won the game, our entire team huddled him his smile was so large that he look like the cat from Alice and The Wonderland.

My parents looked at me and smiled as I ran to then with joy. I felt warmth and embracement, with their looks and pleasure. This Is What I Believe, the power of a smile.












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