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Identity Resources

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Identity Resources


Directions: This page contains links to research and articles about race and other identities and how they can affect Americans in their daily lives. Some of these resources are designed for kids your age and others were written for adults. This means some of them might be harder to understand. I've included a link to my favorite online dictionary here to help you understand any words that confuse you. You should also use me as a guide as you read these articles, asking me questions to help you understand what you read. Discussing these articles with your classmates will also help you. Feel free to use headphones to watch videos on the following articles and to click on links to read other articles linked in your article. If you do not have headphones, please mute your volume before clicking on any of the links below, many of which have ads. As you research here, please fill out your Project Identity graphic organizer.


Online dictionary: Merriam-Webster


Understanding Race

NYT Learning Network Q&A on race with students

The Marionette Online: How Race Affects Daily Life

PBS: Me, Myself, and My Race

PBS: Timeline of Race

PBS: Interview with an Anthropologist About the History of Race

Microaggressions Chart

White People: A Documentary

White Kids Get Medicated, Black Kids Get Suspended

The Last Word on That Word

(Don't) Guess My Race



Gender divisions: "Good Morning, Boys and Girls"

Gender marketing: pink vs. blue


Conditions on Indian reservations today


What it actually feels like to stutter


Play SPENT to examine financial insecurity



News articles:

Boy suspended for wearing purse


Muslim Teen Creates Clock, Shows Teacher, Gets Arrested


Football game compared to Trail of Tears


Black family asked to leave Wild Wing Cafe

An article about one teen examining how others see her racial and national identities

Boy bullied for race

NC Police pepper spray black teenager in his own home


Tulsa school sends student home over hairstyle


Teenager's skirt set on fire on bus

Classmates' response


School's reaction to boy bullied for wearing pink

A little boy who loves pink

My former students' reaction to the previous article


New toys take a stand in their commercial


Why the Heck are You So Fat?

The Problem With Fat Jokes


Albino Teen Fights Bullies with Rap Lyrics

People of Color with Albinism Ask: Where Do I Belong?


Pennsylvania High School Students Create an Anti-Gay Day


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