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TSL discussion calendar

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The Scarlet Letter Discussion Calendar


Tips for preparing discussion: 

  • Since you must work together to plan your discussion, I suggest using a Google Doc (shared with me) to work together at home. Set a time that you'll "meet" on the Doc. 
  • Use Bloom's Taxonomy (see your LA handbook) to create ~4 discussion questions (you may want to create a few more than you need in case yours get answered within the discussion and you need to fill more time.)  


Tips for leading discussion: 

  • Use discussion tips to prepare for your discussion.
  • Discussions should last ~25 minutes.
  • Encourage students to use evidence (cite page numbers) in your discussions.


Date Leaders


Cole, Katie, Paige
11/8  Ryan, Cicely, Alex
11/12  Rose, Thomas, Vi, Sarah Page
11/15  Jace, Morgan, Campbell
11/19  Claire, Danny, Amber
11/22  Flynn, Madison, Nicole



After your discussion: Copy and paste the questions below onto a new Google Doc entitled, “Your Name - Discussion Reflection” and shared with juruble 'at' gmail 'dot' com. Answer them thoughtfully. They are due by the next class after your discussion.


  1. Describe how each person in your group contributed to your overall discussion going well. What work did each of you do?


  1. What would you do differently if you had the assignment to do over again?


  1. What advice would you like to give other discussion groups?


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