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Student Survey

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Student Survey


Directions: Copy and paste the questions below onto a new Google Doc entitled, “Your Name - Student Survey" and shared with juruble 'at' gmail 'dot' com. Answer them thoughtfully and honestly. This survey and some of your answers might be used (anonymously) in professional development shared by the teachers.


  1. Describe a memory/moment/conversation/event in middle school that let you know your teacher(s) cared about you.
  2. Describe the sort of projects you enjoy in school.
  3. The long-term, in-class projects based on guiding questions (like the NYC trip, science research paper, Humanities Night, Passion Project, Project Identity, Where's the A Today?, Firefly Jar, Personal Legend, The Pillow Book, Hero for Hire) you sometimes complete are a style of learning called Project-Based Learning. PBL gives you a big task with a framework, but gives you a lot of freedom about how you accomplish that task. The teacher is more there to facilitate your process than to teach you a lesson every day. Watch this short video to learn more about PBL. Then answer these questions: How is the process you go through in these PBL projects different from the process you use to complete regular classwork, homework, and at-home projects? What do you like about Project-Based Learning? What's difficult about it?
  4. Describe a time in school where you've been inspired by the ability to be creative in a project.
  5. Describe a time in school where the things you were learning seemed relevant to your own life. 


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