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I Believe in Drawing


After all of the years of practicing, all the late night sketches, now my the ideas flow down through my arm and into my fingers. The pencil glides across the paper so effortlessly. It’s like someone took my mind and printed it on a blank piece of paper. It’s like walking into a white room covered in paint, as you walk you drag the color through the walls and cover the ground with the vibrant colors from your imagination. The ideas and pictures in your head suddenly become visible to the rest of the world . Now it’s like I don’t even need to think about it. It’s like breathing or blinking. When I’m alone I draw, when I’m sitting in the class I draw, even when I shouldn't draw I draw. When I don’t have paper I draw on my hand, people tell me to stop when I do that one. Everytime I draw it’s like I’m falling through clouds of creativity, and when I’m done, or someone tells me to stop it’s like I hit the ground, the cold ground, the hard ground. When I draw it takes my emotions away with it. If I’m sad I draw something sad and I’m not as sad, but when I’m happy I draw something happy and it makes me even more happy. One piece of paper and a pencil can change my day, change my mind or change the way I see the world. Or it can change the way other people think. I love when people relate to my pictures, when they understand the way I’m thinking.  

Drawing doesn't have to good, it can be awful, but when you draw it has to be you. The drawing needs to show you emotions or you thoughts. You can’t draw for someone else, Your need to draw for you and what you are and what you believe in. Drawing will forever be apart of me and will always bring light back into my life. It will always makes me happy and brings me make to myself.   





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