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I have a friend who has a lot of after school activities, some of which include gymnastics, swimming, and other various sports. When she gets home at around six o’clock, she eats dinner, then goes straight to her hour of homework. When she finally finishes, she takes a shower and goes straight to bed. In the morning its just a repeat of yesterday; breakfast, school, lunch, school, sports, dinner, homework, bed. It’s a tragic cycle.

Another one of my friends, this time a boy, does not have any sports. On the first two days of the week, he doesn’t do anything. This may seem fun but on Wednesday and Thursday everything’s due the next day. Also, his weekend’s jam packed with work. Because of his habit of procrastinating he sometimes gets very stressed, which is not fun for anybody.


For me, homework isn’t the best thing in the world. I find my time spent doing homework is about an hour a day, and on the weekends about 30 minutes a day.


For every single kid in school, homework is a never ending cycle. Its like a magical pit of tragedy. When you fall in, you have to climb out, just to fall back in again. Every single assignment throwing you off balance more and more.


There are some teachers though who believe that kid’s time at home should be respected. Those teachers don’t give out any homework to their students. The catch is that they encourage them to read every night, which is still better than homework. In my opinion, this is a great way of teaching students and in the future this hopefully will become a reality for all teachers.


I believe in no homework. That all schools don’t give out one single assignment to their students. Kids can study for tests and quizzes at home, but all work happens at school. This would give kids time to relax at home and not be so stressed about doing an hour of work a day, instead of slaving at home doing homework.





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