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Page history last edited by Julie E Ruble 6 years, 9 months ago

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I believe that music is a stress reliever. Whether or not a person plays an instrument or they listen to it they use it as a stress reliever for what is in the back of your head stressing them. For me that stress relieving comes from playing the guitar. For a few years I have been playing the guitar and it has help me get stressful things out of my head, like if I have to go stand in front of a group of people and give them a speech or if there is just an upcoming test in school. The guitar has always been there for me to use when I'm feeling stress about things. 


When I was younger I was in a thing called Tae Kwon Do and in this you had belts that were basically rank. The highest rank was the black belt. To get these belts you had to go through test. I worked my way all the way up the belts to the belt before the black belt(which was red). At this point the test was very hard but I practiced and practiced so I could complete the test. But a few days before the test I started getting worried about the test and I was thinking that I might fail, so every day from that point until the test I would play the guitar when I got home from activities that I was doing that day for 30 minutes. This is what helped me stop thinking so much about failing it and more on that day or how to meet the requirements I needed to meet.


What I interpret music as is the sound of a persons voice whether its through an instrument or its through a person singing, Its about the person playing the instrument or singing that is the voice I always hear something special about each piece of music and this is what makes me believe in music as a stress reliever, Especially when you play an instrument of your own because you're either playing someone elses song for your own or you are trying to make your own song its just even more of a stress reliever and this is why I believe music is a stress reliever.








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